Documentation for applicants

Open competition application guides

Challenge Grants

Challenge Grants (English - full application guide)
Challenge Grants (French - full application guide) 
Sample full application (English only): CHA-22

CCS/CIHR Action Grants

CCS/CIHR Action Grants (English - full application guide)
CCS/CIHR Action Grants (French - full application guide)
Sample full application (English only): Action-22


Atlantic Cancer Research Grants

Atlantic Cancer Research Grants (English - full application guide)
Atlantic Cancer Research Grants (French - full application guide)
Sample application (English only): ACR-22

Past competition guides (for reference only)

CCS/CIHR/BC Spark Grants (English - full application guide - invited)
CCS/CIHR/BC Spark Grants (French - full application guide - invited)  
Emerging Scholar Award (English only – full application guide)
Emerging Scholar Award (English - LOI guide)
Emerging Scholar Award (French - LOI guide)
Innovation Grants (English - full application guide)
Innovation Grants (French - full application guide)
Innovation to Impact Grants (English only - full application guide)
Cancer Survivorship Team Grants (English only - full Application guide)

Tipsheets for external contributors

Executive signing authorities(English only)
• Applicable for all full applications
• Used by signing authority for host research institution, finance institution (if different from the former), and (for Research Grants competitions) head or dean of department where research is being conducted

Research supervisor (English only)
• Applicable for Travel Award applications

Research supervisor or mentor (English only)
• Applicable for Capacity Development Awards in Prevention applications

Referees (English only)
• Applicable for Emerging Scholar Award applications (update: letters must be received by November 12, 2020, 5:00 pm ET)
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