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Canadian Cancer Society

Living with cancer

Learn about adjusting to a cancer diagnosis, helping someone who’s been diagnosed, life after treatment, advanced cancer, how to cope with a child’s cancer and how CCS provides information and support across Canada.

Coping with changes

When you have cancer, many things may feel like they are out of your control. Everyone’s cancer experience is different, and people cope with strong emotions, practical issues and other changes in their own way. Explore the emotional effects of having cancer and different coping and practical strategies that might work for you.

Life after treatment

For many people, cancer treatment is an experience that stays with you and can change your outlook on life. The end of cancer treatment is a period of transition and adjustment, and can produce mixed emotions. Learn more about follow-up care and life after treatment.

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Advanced cancer

Advanced cancer is cancer that is unlikely to be cured. Treatment doesn’t end when cancer is advanced – but it does change.

Learn more about adjusting to life with advanced cancer and facing end-of-life decisions.

Two sets of hands clasped together
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Your child has cancer

Having a child with cancer is one of the biggest challenges a family can face. It’s normal to have a wide range of emotions and questions during this time. Explore common health and practical concerns, how to cope as a parent and how to support your child.

A young girl learning to ride her bike, parents helping her

Helping someone

When someone you know has cancer, you may not know what you can do to help. We cannot predict how someone with cancer may be feeling or know what they’re going through. But there are important ways to still be there as a friend or co-worker. 

Explore how you can offer help and support to someone who has cancer.

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How we can help

If you’re struggling to cope with your cancer diagnosis or that of a loved one, you’re not alone. We offer the largest support system in the country for those with cancer and their family, friends and caregivers. Find out more about our free and confidential services including our Cancer Information Helpline, online community, and more.

Three adults and a child smiling outdoors