What we are doing

What we are doing

The Canadian Cancer Society works with government to bring about healthy public policies that will help prevent cancer and improve the lives of people living with cancer and their caregivers.
A woman on a phone holding medication

Access to cancer drugs and diagnostics

Canadians should be able to access to the cancer drugs they require without financial hardship, regardless of where they live and where the drugs are taken.
A woman on a phone holding medication

Caregiver support

Caregivers are the backbone of our healthcare system and need support so they can care for their loved ones affected by cancer.
A woman and child on a video call

COVID-19 response

We are making sure the needs of Canadians affected by cancer are not forgotten during and long after the pandemic is over.

A woman and child on a video call

EI Sickness benefits

Canadians undergoing cancer treatment and recovery need more time off so they can focus on their health, not their finances.

Healthy living

Policies that support healthy living can make a real difference to reduce individual cancer risk.

Palliative care

Canadians should have access to affordable, high-quality palliative care, regardless of where they live or choose to receive care.

Tobacco control

Policies that promote smoking reduction and tobacco control help lower tobacco use, the leading preventable cause of disease and death in Canada.